Dagmar Travner

Folds and Fragments

On poetry, sketches, calligraphy and their search for expressing the unutterable

By flickering candlelight the artist tentatively draws an outline of a dream in search of the image, seizing the moment when the present becomes a memory like a gift. She listens to inspiring music, the tune leads her hand, stroke after stroke. Her eyes follow curiously the lines which appear before her like the work of a ghost. Driven by an inexplicable longing for more, for a something which could be just a glimpse of an encounter.

mirror of black nights
silent winter star glaring
through blind windows

The artist creates through her lines an imaginary being. She feels like guessing her way in a fog. She flows with the river. She is just a drop in the moving water. Unconsciously directed, seemingly aimless, the unintentional stroke brings a unique shape to light. Nevertheless the target is instantaneous and unreachable, the fugacious desire will always draw back into the future—though leaving a visible trace of the lost present on the ground.


(Published in Regina Hadraba, Katalog 2015, Baden/Perchtoldsdorf)

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